Project Reviews

Northwest Monitoring (NWM) has a team of experts who are highly trained and experienced in conducting pre-construction due diligence to support and facilitate our clients with, cost analysis, and schedule viability of the proposed projects.
The goal of the Project Review is to analyze the proposed cost for the project, identify major scope omissions and to compare the project cost to the market.  To do this, NWM relies on our decades of experience in construction management, cost estimating and expansive internal project cost database.

NWM’s Project Review process includes the following tasks:

  • Perform an independent cost estimate of the proposed development; review the feasibility of the scope of work, construction schedules, and proposed improvements.
  • Review the adequacy of the proposed development budget, schedule of values, and progress schedules.
  • Assess the status of construction documents; i.e., architectural and site development plans, design specifications and contract documentation.
  • Evaluate the representations made in the soils and environmental reports to determine their impact on the proposed development and construction costs.
  • Verify that building department plan checking has been completed and all required permits have been secured to allow the commencement of construction, as well as the granting of ongoing periodic approvals.