Draw Inspections & Loan Monitoring Services

We provide commercial, modular, residential and land development construction draw inspections for lenders throughout the Western United States. These loan monitoring services for our Western United States clients include detailed reporting and photographing of the conditions observed during that site visit.

During the site visit, the pay application is reviewed so that we may assess the accuracy of the funding request. We also report on the overall condition of the site and current construction activities as well as review change orders and lien waivers.

Commercial construction and land development projects – we typically meet with a representative from the General Contractor to discuss or clarify any questions we may have regarding the pay application. Any discrepancies in the pay application will be brought to the attention of the client via the draw inspection report.

Residential projects – we provide a percentage of the work complete at the time of our site visit.

Modular projects – we participate in start-up meetings and mock-up reviews while completing online inspections, punch list reviews and inspections, and off-line inspections.