As an added service, NWM also provides fee based consulting for lenders and property owners with questions or concerns regarding commercial construction/development procedures. This would include insight on varying topics such as contractor billing procedures, unconditional and conditional lien waiver policies, stored materials protection and cost to complete analysis.

In addition, NWM also consults to lenders who are updating their credit policies for construction lending. This includes input and review of a lender’s general construction risk policies. We will often review construction loan risk analysis procedures, construction disbursement processes, document requirements, monitoring policies, contractor pre-qualification, internal lender budget forms, etc.

Our consulting services are also utilized by private owners and lenders at any point in a project. It may be for front end insight or for the assessment of a situation mid-stream in a project. It’s a service we offer as a convenience to our clients so that they will always be able to have an independent, non-biased opinion on any construction or development related issue.